BTS members hometown & dialects

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BTS hometown

Although BTS was formed in Seoul, none of the members were born there. RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook all hail from different parts of the country.


Jungkook hails from Busan which is the second most populous city in South Korea. Jungkook sometimes speaks in his Busan accent which is known as Satoori, apart from standard Korean.


Jimin shares his hometown with Jungkook i.e Busan and thereby he can speak in Satoori very well. Jimin can also talk in Japanese.


Taehyung hails from Daegu & thereby uses Gyeongsang dialect which is the umbrella term of Satoori however differentiates on the basis of North & south regions. V is also fluent in Japanese.


Both Tae and Yoongi share the hometown Daegu and thereby have the same speaking habits. Suga is also fluent in Japanese apart from standard Korean in Seoul.


Jin grew up in Gwacheon, a city near Seoul, and thereby has a soul accent but he is said to be the second member in the group who can speak Mandarin (Chinese) very well.


Hobi will be the first to be fluent in Mandarin apart from Japanese and Korean. He was born and brought up in Jeolla region of South Korea which is famous for it’s cuisines.


Kim Namjoon hails from Ilsan, South Korea he didn’t pick any native language. RM is fluent in English, standard Seoul Korean and Japanese as well.

BTS members languages

Almost all the BTS members can speak Japanese well other than Korean. RM and Taehyung are known to be the most fluent in Japanese

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