Jassie Gill top 10 Punjabi upbeat songs 2021

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava entertainment

Oye hoye hoye

Cast - Jassi Gill & Dhanshree verma. Within 24 hours after its debut, this song had over 7 million views on YouTube.

Guitar Sikhda

Though it’s not a party song, but the song enjoys a massive fan base owing to its amazing vocals & impressive storyline.

Pyar kari jaane oo

Jassie left his fans spellbound again with this chart shattering hit. The ubeat track, soulful lyrics & Jassi’s soothing voice has made it love song of the year.

Bapu zimidar

Considered as one of the biggest hits of Punjabi music industry. The video has it’s multiple versions flooded on YouTube, with each reaching the milestone.


Every girl related to the song when jassi said ‘Main kudi hoke enne nakhre ni kardi Jinne munda hoke karda ae tu ve”. The song became love anthem of the year.

Nikle current

Neha Kakkar and Jassie Gill collab was one of the biggest hit of the year. The peppy track & groovy lyrics attracted a lot of party animals

Jodi teri meri

It's a romantic song starring Jassie Gill and Kirandeep Kaur that depicts a very cute love story.


The song is a groovy romantic ballad featuring Jassie Gill and Ritu Pamnani. The female vocals of the song has been given by Asees Kaur


‘Keda bamb sutt mar duga baliye… tera bapu hai laden taan nahi’. The story of a boy who fears nothing when it comes to his love

Att Karti

Some songs are evergreen. Att karti is one of those song which kept dominating audience playlist for a long time. The song currently holds over 135 Million views on YouTube.

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