Top 10 Lee Jong Suk K-drama to watch in 2022

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava entertainment

The Hymn of Death

The drama, which is based on a true incident, portrays the sad love story of Yun Shim Duk, Korea's first professional soprano, and married stage drama writer Kim Woo Jin.


I hear your voice

In order to uncover the truth regarding his father's shady murder, mind-reading Park Soo-ha collaborates with a public attorney.


School 2013

A group in his class regularly bullies Go Nam Soon, One of his former opponents later enrols in his school. They are able to resolve their issues eventually.

Secret Garden

Despite economic divides, cultural customs, and the man's strong mother's objections, a wealthy young CEO falls in love with a poor stuntwoman.


Doctor strange

Young doctor Lee Jong Suk moves from North Korea to the south where he meets a woman who looks like the one he lost track of while attempting to flee.



Dal-po, a guy whose family was ruined by a news outlet, and In-ha, a friend of his who suffers from the Pinocchio Syndrome work as journalists and pursue justice.


While You were sleeping

To prevent calamities and bring down a dishonest lawyer, three people with the capacity to foretell events team up.



A medical student is drawn into the world of her father's webcomic W and gets entangled in a murder inquiry and romance.


Romance is the bonus book

Lee Na-young and Lee Jong-suk are the stars of the 2019 South Korean television series Romance Is a Bonus Book.


Big Mouth

Lee Jong-suk, Im Yoon-ah, and Kim Joo-hu are the stars of the ongoing South Korean television programme Big Mouth.

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