Commonwealth Games 2022: What is Para Powerlifting?

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India Created History in Para Powerlifting

At the Commonwealth Games, India's powerlifter Sudhir won the gold medal in the men's heavyweight para powerlifting category.

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What is Para Powerlifting?

Para Powerlifting is a Paralympic sport for athletes with disabilities. Para-powerlifting includes just one discipline- the bench press. It is a sport which tests the upper body strength.

Objective of Para Powerlifting

To win the tournament, competitors must lift the most amount of weight in comparison to their body weight.

Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games

History of Para Powerlifting

Weightlifting began at the Tokyo Paralympic Games in 1964 and featured men who had spinal cord injuries. Over the following years, the game added handicap categories, like Para Powerlifting.

The Conversation

Bench Press

His head, shoulders, and thighs rests on the bench lying backward. After holding the barbell out at arms' length. He/she waits for the referee to signal

Role of Chief Referee

Gives commands to the athletes like ‘start’ and ‘rack’( to put barbell back of the rack) and supervises the competition.



Responsible for operating the clock in the competition.

International Paralympic Committee

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