Urfi Javed most Hilarious and weird Fashion Outfits.

WRITTEN BY Divya Bhati news


‘Yea this is a wire! Also there was no cutting of the wires’ . Damn she literally got our eyes tangled up.

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Taking Badan Pe Sitare Literally with Flower Edition.

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Braided Strands

A lot of work behind those braided stands of cloth to wear as shrug.

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Bori- Rug

Well that’s a highly recycled fashion Outfit

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Broken Glass Pieces

Break Glass not Hearts for fashion.

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That’s daring to pull off. She married her fashion with paper boxes.

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Cotton Candy

Smelling and tasting like candy floss. Yummy on her OOTD.

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Safety Pins

Safety became a fashion priority.

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Picture Perfect

Self love on the next level? Well we call it picture perfect fashion.

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