What is Moonlighting? Why WIPRO Sacked 300 Employees?

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WIPRO Sacks 300 Employees

Wipro chairman Rishad Premji said that the company found 300 people to be moonlighting and working for rival companies in the last few months thus company terminated their employment.

Business Standard

What Is Moonlighting?

The term ‘moonlighting’ refers to doing many jobs in addition to one's regular job.

Business Today

How Moonlighting Works?

Moonlighting is the term used to refer to working for another organisation while dedicating oneself to one's primary workplace, usually without the employer's knowledge.


Moonlighting Increased During COVID times

As working from home became the norm during Covid-19, which is said to have caused an increase in dual employment, moonlighting has come under discussion in the IT industry.

Thrive Global

Tech Mahindra Supports Moonlighting

Tech Mahindra CEO CP Gurnani said he could be open to the practice if it helps employees make extra money. He also hopes employees to be open and has warned them of committing fraud.


Infosys says.. 'No two-timing - no moonlighting!

Infosys' internal communication titled "no double lives" made it clear that "dual employment is not encouraged it the organisation.

People Matters

Major IT Industries Against this Practice

The majority of IT firms have strengthened their opposition to moonlighting and threatened to fire employees who are found to be working two jobs.

The Economic Times

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