5 Simple Winter Safety Tips For Your Kids | HerZindagi | Nidhi Chopra

01 Dec, 2022

Mommy Influencer Nidhi Chopra offers some of the best winter care advice for kids in this video. Your children's health will be taken care of during this chilly weather with these 5 easy winter safety tips. Watch the complete video right away to learn more about these.

5 Simple Winter Safety Tips For Your Kids

Keep your Kid’s skin moisturized- Protect your kid's skin by moisturizing it to avoid it getting dry, because it’s the winters where kids face a lot of problems because of dry and itchy skin. So, make sure to moisturize your kids hands and face whenever you let them wash it.

Eat Right foods- You can go ahead with methi, besan, dry fruits, oatmeal, chicken, meats, eggs etc there are so many options which are healthy and nutritious to keep your kid upbeat this winter.

Make sunlight your best friend- It’s important to kids to have some outdoor exposure specially during winters. Choose a suitable time to play with your kids outside so that they get sufficient Vitamin D.

Don’t forget to hydrate- Make sure your kids are drinking plenty of water during the time specially while they are playing it will keep them hydrated and energetic.

Add layers- Add layers in your kids clothing in a way that they don’t feel irritated and uncomfortable. Make sure your kids are warm enough, to not fall sick.

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