5 Stretches For Splits Flexibility- Watch video Here

15 Dec, 2021

To get the full benefit of exercise, it is necessary to make the muscles flexible first. Only then can the body be given the desired shape. Split exercises make the body flexible. 

Frog Pose 

To do this, lie down on your stomach. Bring both the legs up from the back and bring them to the hips. Now hold it with your hands and stretch. This is a great exercise to stretch the thigh muscles.

Full Leg Split 

In this, both the legs are stretched and opened completely and keeping the face straight in front, feel the stretch in the body. It is a bit difficult to do in the beginning, but with consistent practice it can be done easily. 

Front Body Stretch 

Sit down with the legs extended in front of you. Now bend the knees and join the claws together and hold the claws with your hands. Stretch the body while pulling it back. This makes the muscles of the shoulders, chest and abdomen flexible.

Side Body Stretch 

After lying on the belly, lift the body up on the hands and toes. Now extend the straight leg parallel to the opposite hand and keep the straight hand on the knee. Let the opposite hand and the opposite leg remain in the same position. Feel the stretch in the body. If you want to prepare the body for heavy workouts, then first of all, the flexibility of the body has to be increased and for this split exercise is the best option.

Seated Torso Stretch

Extend your right foot on the ground. Place your right foot on the floor and your left foot on your right. Then using your right hand, twist your torso to the left. Breathe into the stretch, twisting yourself as you exhale.

Forward Fold 

Stand with your feet together. Lean forward at your hips. Simultaneously keep your head on your knees and bring your hands to the ground. Lengthen your legs as much as possible, without locking your knees. If necessary, bend your knees slightly to touch the ground with your hands. You can also place a yoga block or other prop in front of you and rest your hands there.


Lying Twist  

Lie down on the ground on your back. Bring your arms out to form a T and rotate your lower body to the right. Bend your left leg and keep your left knee comfortably on the ground. Keeping your shoulders on the floor, turn your head to the left. Relax your body each time you exhale.

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