5 Ways to Keep Your Kids Entertained Without Phones & Other Gadgets

08 Sep, 2022

These clever and easy techniques will keep your kids entertained. The early onset of a child's device addiction can be upsetting for parents. Off-screen time is essential for children's development. Himani, an influencer, offers some clever strategies in this video for entertaining your children without the use of technology. Your child's attention will be diverted and their creativity will increase by using these unique yet straightforward suggestions. 

5 Ways to Keep Your Kids Entertained Without Phones

Art and Craft

Children may express their creativity through art, which helps them throughout their lives. Kids can express themselves by engaging in creative activities, which promote self-expression.

Daily Chores

Through tasks, kids can learn about taking care of themselves, their homes, and their families. They learn skills that will be useful to them as adults, such as how to organise, clean, and care for a garden.


Children who garden learn how to relax, calm down, and control their emotions, which can greatly reduce stress. Children take in fresh air, experience weather, work on balance, and develop their motor abilities.

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