Accident in UP, like Delhi, pulled a woman for three and a half miles before she passed away

05 Jan, 2023

A similar story has also surfaced in UP, where a scooty-riding agricultural university clerk was crushed to death by a dumper packed with ballast in Banda district. The horrific tragedy in Delhi's Kanjhawala on January 1 shocked the entire nation.

What is the whole matter?

On the Banda Kanpur route in the Nagar Kotwali region, this traumatic tragedy happened close to the Mawai village. According to the report, Pushpa Singh, a female employee assigned to the Agricultural University, was severely injured by a high-speed dumper while she was traveling to the market from her home in the university. Pushpa was trapped in the dumper after the collision together with the scooter, but the driver of the dumper continued to drive it and pulled Pushpa for three kilometres as the scooter caught fire from friction with the road. Because of this, the woman too passed away suddenly and severely.

SP gives information on the incident

Even more SP According to Lakshmi Niwas Mishra, the widow obtained employment at the Agricultural University following the passing of her husband. She is a Lucknow inhabitant. The woman learned about the accident when she was driving back home from the Agricultural University. It has been discovered that the fire started when the woman's car became stuck inside the truck. The woman passed away. The dead body was taken out and submitted for an autopsy. The truck driver has not yet been taken into custody. The situation is being looked into.

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