Adbu Rozik Quit Bigg Boss 16: Abdu Rozik will not return in Bigg Boss 16? Why did he left the show?

18 Dec, 2022

Abdu Rojik, the most popular contestant of Bigg Boss 16, has left the house after the Weekend Ka Vaar. No one was nominated this week, rather they have been allowed to leave the show for a few days. This singer from Tajikistan was a big reason that used to pull the audience to Bigg Boss 16. However, Bigg Boss told that Abdu Rojik has taken leave from the house because he got a chance to work on a project outside.

Salman Khan reveals the news

Salman Khan revealed in Weekend Ka Vaar that, Abdu Rojik will have to go out of the show. Colors TV has also shared its promo on Instagram account. Abdu Rojik's parting with Bigg Boss in the middle of the journey has surprised everyone. Tears also came in the eyes of Abdu Rojik. He hugged all the family members and came out of Bigg Boss crying. He also said that he will remember all the people. Due to the departure of Abdu Rojik, there is sadness in the Bigg Boss house.

Fans reaction about Abdu leaving

The news of Abdu's departure has created a sensation on social media. People are getting emotional due to the departure of this younger brother of 19 years. One user said, 'You will be missed a lot #AbdulRozik. Come back Abdu Rojik. Another one said, "Dil ke koi tukde kabhi dil se joke hota nahi ~ Abdu you will be back, waiting for your grand comeback Abdu, your Shiv bhai and all #Shibdu fans love you so much." So someone said that if Abdu is not there then stop watching Bigg Boss 16 from today.

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