Alia Bhatt new ad 'KanyaMaan' for Mohey Brings Timeless tradition, new approach

18 Sep, 2021
Mohey Instagram Alia Bhatt new ad 'KanyaMaan' for Mohey Brings Timeless tradition, new approach

Kanyamaan: Indian weddings bring a lot of age-old rituals and traditions. While some are for fun and celebration, others hold deep meaning. When a bride gets married, she starts her new life, with a new home, new relations, and new emotions. But her connection with maternal home i.e Mayka doesn’t change. Manyawar Mohey’s new ad brings all these emotions of a bride with a new approach to the old tradition of ‘Kanyadaan’. 

Mohey new campaign Kanyamaan

Kanyadaan means sending one's daughter. While Bride starts a new life she doesn't cut all her ties with her parents. So Mohey in their new campaign featuring Alia Bhatt talks about the emotional roller coaster of a bride as she questions some common quotes said for the bride. The ad redefines the tradition of Kanyadaan while introducing ‘Kanyamaan’ (respect to bride). 

Sharing the new ad Mohey posted on Instagram and wrote, “#KanyaMaan - Nayi soch, naya idea Kyun paraaya dhan? Kyun Kanyadaan? Mohey Ka Naya Idea... #KanyaMaan Celebrating brides of today with a modern twist.”

Alia Bhatt new ad Kanyamaan

In the ad Alia Bhatt is seen all dolled up as an hindu bride. She is sensitive, independent, affectionate, and values her self-worth. During the wedding rituals, she goes through a lot of emotional rollercoasters and questions some of the words said to her by her family. Why do parents have to give away their daughter? Why not marriage only about coming together without leaving anything behind?

Kanyamaan encourages the wave of respecting a daughter who leaves her maternal house for her husband. 

The new ad is receiving all the love and netizens are also loving the new message behind this. 

The new campaign really touched our heart and we hope this campaign brings a change. 


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