Assam Bulldozer Action: Bulldozers running on madrasas in Assam, government's action on illegal occupations

04 Sep, 2022

Assam Bulldozer action:  A large-scale campaign was started to clear 330 acres of government land in Sonitpur district of Assam. During this time, all erratically built structures, including a madrasa, were destroyed with the aid of powerful machinery, with the assistance of locals. The two mosques were closed at the administration's request.

Bulldozers running on madrasas in Assam

In addition to dismantling madrassas with ties to Islamic terrorist organisations, the Assam government has started to act aggressively to remove illegal encroachments from government property. A large eviction drive was launched by the authorities in the Sonitpur district on Saturday, September 3. 330 acres of public land were cleared of encroachment in this area.

On the northern bank of the Brahmaputra River, in Barchalla Assembly Constituency No. 3's Chitalmari neighbourhood, this was carried out. The campaign was run by BJP MLA Ganesh Kumar Limbu. To demolish the illegal house, some 50 bulldozers (JCB) and other pieces of heavy machinery as well as a sizable number of personnel arrived. Eight months before, the government had sent a warning to the locals. As a result, most guests had already departed. As a result, there was no indication of disagreement throughout the process.

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