Avail Netflix and Amazon free subscription by using these simple tricks

21 Sep, 2022
Avail Netflix and Amazon free subscription by using these simple tricks

As OTT platforms have taken over the entertainment industry, OTT giants like Netflix, Amazon, Disney, and Hotstar have seen an increase in demand, driving up their costs and pushing them to roll out their best deals. These OTT platforms are no longer just for amusing the people, they are now a requirement and a way to alleviate your stress. What if we informed you that you could obtain these plans absolutely free by incorporating them into your standard postpaid plan? Yes, it is now doable because the cost of a Netflix and Amazon subscription in India has plummeted and is no longer prohibitively expensive.

 Netflix and Amazon free subscription tricks

Jio 399 Plan

Right now the cost of Netflix cheapest version which works on your smartphone is Rs. 149, the same goes with Amazon Prime too, but with the new Jio 399 plan you can include both Amazon and Netflix subscription with 75 GB data, unlimited calling and 100 SMS a day premium plan. Additionally the pack also incorporates 200 Gb data rollover.

Data Rollover: If you reactivate your top-up offer by topping up on or before day 28, you will be able to keep any unused data from the prior month.

Jio 599 Plan

Level up your plan above and you will get additional benefits with an extra dose of entertainment. Yes, the 599 plan of Jio not only offers you Netflix and Prime subscription but also gives access to Disney Plus hotstar. This plan will give you a ‘Family plan additional sim card’ too with 100 GB along with a 200 GB rollover option. Isn’t it incredible? While unlimited calling and SMS remains constant.

Airtel 1199 Postpaid plan

This deal includes free Netflix basic monthly access, 100 SMS per day, a year of Disney+ Hotstar access, six months of Amazon Prime membership, and unlimited calls and SMS. One regular plan and two additional connections are included in Airtel's Rs 1,199 package for family members as well along with 200 GB rollover.

Airtel 1599 postpaid plan

Aside from unlimited talk and text, this bundle also includes 100 SMS per day, a free Wynk Premium subscription, a year's worth of Disney+ Hotstar, six months of Amazon Prime, and a regular monthly Netflix membership. One regular plan and three additional connections are included in this plan.

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