BattleGrounds Mobile India : How to win Team Deathmatch Tips, Tricks and Guide

14 Mar, 2022
BattleGrounds Mobile India : How to win Team Deathmatch Tips, Tricks and Guide

BattleGrounds Mobile India’s unranked TDM (Team Deathmatch) apart from the classic Royale Battle matches provides a fast paced gun battle experience to players. TDMs are a good way to improve a player’s reflex speed, fast aiming, movement and overall close range combat skills. The mode offers 4vs4 ten minute long battle where players can choose a weapon of choice with different set of attachments and the first team to score 40 points wins. 

Here are a few tips, tricks and guide to winning TDMs:

  1. Weapon and Attachments :

TDM provides players an option to keep their weapons of choice loadouts with all the different attachments and scopes. A player can keep 4 different loadouts with 4 different weapons. Weapons like UMP45, Groza, AKM are great for close range combats and can be used to overpower opposing teams, on the other hand weapons like M416 can be used to improve one’s aiming, reflexes and muscle memories. Players can also opt to choose snipers in order to improve their quick scope and sniping skills.

  1. Aim and Movement :

Most of the TDM battles often come to close-range combats that require good aim, reflexes and movement to win. With a good aim, fast reflex a player can easily finish the opposite player quickly even in outnumbered situations. And a quick movement like jiggle or crouch-uncrouch can help to avoid getting hit by opposing teams' gunshots and improve the chances of winning the fights.

  1. Keeping in Cover & TPP :

TDM maps have loads of hard covers like boxes, walls, wooden boxes etc. that can be used for cover and third person perspective for advantage. The player can use cover and TPP for launching a surprise attack on approaching enemies. Staying behind hard covers and doing quick peek & fire gives opponents small exposure and quick finishes.

  1. Use of Utilities & Slide :

The opposing player’s holding covers behind boxes and walls can be picked by the use of utilities like Frag grenades or Stun grenades to quickly approach and finish them. The slide option available in TDM can be used to attack opponents as it moves players at a quick speed while sliding, which helps in avoiding enemies’ bullets as well as finishing them in an instant.

  1. Rotating on the map :

TDM map provides various positions with a great window to shoot at the opponents. However, sticking to some position for a long period of time can help opponents to finish the player off using Frag grenades or multiple enemies approaching together making it a 1v2 to 1v4 which is hard to win. Quickly rotating the position will help pick up a better spot and surprise enemies every time and win the match.

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