Best Exercises To Grow Your Booty Faster With No Equipment | Glute Activation | Rashmi Rai

11 Jan, 2023

Coach Rashmi Rai explains how to naturally develop a round, firm, and larger butt. She breaks down the best workouts in this video that you can do at home to develop your booty more quickly. Watch the entire video now to learn more about these exercises!

Best Exercises To Grow Your Booty Faster 

Donkey kicks 20X4 reps- Donkey kicks increase strength and flexibility, stabilise the core, and are excellent for both stability and toning.

Fire hydrants 12X3 reps- Regular use of fire hydrants can help you tone your hips, reduce back strain

Rainbows 10X4 reps- Because they require you to move your glutes both up and down and back and forth, Rainbows are a perfect butt exercise.

Standing abduction 20X3 reps- Standing hip abduction specifically targets the hip abductor muscles.

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