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21 Oct, 2022

With the festive season just around the corner a woman, especially a mom, has to do a lot of catching up in terms of household duties, managing shopping lists, taking care of kids and their excitement along with her own tasks and daily hustle. Wondering how to dress up your kid this festive season? Don’t worry we have got you covered. Himani, a mommy influencer, offers some suggestions for your children's best traditional attire. In order to make your kids look more fashionable and appealing during the holiday season. Watch the whole video right now to learn more about these ethnic clothing items.

Best Traditional Outfit Ideas For Kids 

Baby Boy or Boy Toddler shopping ideas for Diwali

  • Kurta Pajama- The most common and easy to buy Indian attire Kurta-Pajama is the ideal outfit choice for boys for any festive season. When it comes to dressing up your baby boy try to keep it as simple and basic as you can.
  • BandhGala- Next comes up one of the most fashionable Indian traditional attire band Gala. You can be particular with color choices or can just go colorful as it’s the festive season and bright colors will keep the kids the happiest. Make them wear a plain kurta-pajama and over it pair a contrasting color bandhgala which will give them a super stylish look.
  • Printed Kurta with jeans- This works when you want your kid to be festive ready but at the same time feel comfortable enough to play all day long with their friends and engage in fun activities. 

Baby Girl or Girl toddler shopping ideas for Diwai

  • Salwar Suit- One desi attire which is never going out of the fashion from girls closet is the salwar suit. There are so many Salwar Suit ideas like a suit with pants or with Patiala etc. You can choose any of them and it will surely work great for your kids.
  • Crop Top and pants- Pair a crop top with palazzo pants or Sharara which will not only keep them comfortable all day long but also give a smart look.
  • Gowns- Gowns are the ultimate choice for festive season and get-togethers. Try to avoid getting a bulky one or it can make them  uncomfortable otherwise gowns are the ideal choice to dress up your baby girl this diwali.   
  • Boho Jacket- Want to give a more stylish edge to her fashion add a funky boho jacket to the closet.

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