BGMI Royal Pass Ranks : Tips, Tricks, Guide & More

08 Mar, 2022
BGMI Royal Pass Ranks : Tips, Tricks, Guide & More

BGMI is one of the most famous mobile device games in India currently. Since the launch of the game after PUBG Mobile’s ban, BGMI is constantly becoming more & more popular amongst the players. YouTubers, Esports players and normal players all enjoy the game along with the features it provides. One of such features is RP i.e. Royal Pass, which provides rewards per season which is on a monthly basis. There are two types of Royal Pass that can be purchased, Elite Pass and Elite Pass Plus. In order to get those rewards as well as the UC that was spent on purchasing the reward one needs to complete the missions and rank up to 50. Here are some tips & tricks to rank up quickly on the missions :

  1. Open Crates :

Opening a premium or classic crate gives players 10 RP points each. So opening a total of 10 crates will get 100 RP points that’ll lead to 1 rank up in Royal Pass. The crate coupons can be obtained via various missions as well as exchanging silver fragments for the coupon scraps. Each day a player can get 5 coupon scraps in exchange of 100 silver fragments leading to 10 coupon scraps of both the types which will give 2 coupons every 2 days making it 10 RP points daily.

  1. RP Mission Cards :

RP Mission cards are given in some events and at some RP ranks which can be used to complete some missions that will provide RP points to rank up. The missions use 3,4 and 6 RP Mission Cards depending upon the RP points of the missions and once a player uses required RP Mission cards against that mission it’ll get marked as completed and the player will receive those RP points.

  1. RP Respect Points :

Each player can get 2 RP respect points from the teammates while playing a match and a total of 6 RP points per match can be obtained. Playing multiple matches and receiving RP respect points will result in quickly leveling up through the RP ranks.

  1. RP Badge - Royal Adventure :

The RP Badges are at certain ranks in Royal Pass rewards, one can use the required number of RP Badges in the Royal Adventure event and obtain metro supplies. 12 metro supplies can be exchanged for 100 RP points that’ll give a rank up in the Royal Pass and lead to quick ranking up.

  1. More Matches :

Apart from the above points which can be used for quick rank-up, players should play more & more matches and focus on the mission tasks like killing 12 enemies with certain guns and other missions which can be completed easily by playing more matches.

Completing the missions by playing matches is also one of the easiest ways to complete RP missions as most of them will get completed while you play matches due to the type of the tasks. Quickly ranking up to 50 can get all the RP rewards of the season quicker as well display the player’s name on the screen during flight take off.


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