Bigg Boss 15: First time in the history, situation went against the show; Ugly physical fight occurs between Shamita & Rakhi

23 Dec, 2021

Bigg Boss 15: As bland the show was going in it’s starting days, the more interesting and spiced up it is becoming with each passing days. But, sometimes things go so overboard which even the makers didn’t see coming and thus are left with no option rather than to deal with all their might.  There is no doubt that the recent ticket to finale challenge was no less than a massive mess created by the contestants not letting anyone claim the position and well, that fueled a lot of problems including a rift between Tejran pushing them on the verge of splitting, fight between two best friends Nishant & Pratik and moreover an ugly physical fight between Shamita and Rakhi Sawant.

Rakhi announces Devoleena winner, Shamita loses cool

In the recent sneak peek of Bigg Boss, Shamita Shetty looked quite irritated and angry after Rakhi Sawant blatantly cheated in the game while announcing Devoleena as the winner. Shamita yelled saying ‘Mat kar aise..saare log dekh rhe hai vo control kar rhi hai tere ko’ (Don’t do such activities, people are watching how Devo is controlling you’ and Rashami backed her saying ‘Vo katputli bana rhi hai tujhe’.(She is making you her puppet’). Meanwhile, Karan urged Bigg Boss that they can’t play like this with such biasness as the ugly verbal spat continued between the trio.

Shamita gets into a physical fight with Rakhi in Bigg Boss 15

The things became uglier when Shamita shouted at rakhi saying ‘tere dimaag ke andar gandh hai..phle saaf kar.. Tu kya andhi hai’ to which furious Rakhi replied ‘Tu andhi hai’ (You are blind’) while stepping forward. Shamita loses her cool and pushed Rakhi with force, making her fall. Cut to the next scene, Bigg Boss came with a major announcement and said ‘In the history of Bigg Boss things never went so over board that it turned against the show”. The sneak peek ended there, glimpsing about some major consequences to be faced by the contestants following the chaos.

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