Bigg Boss Season 16 Highlights: Ankit and Priyanka friendship is the talk of the town, what’s brewing?

07 Oct, 2022

house. It is widely known that arguments about duties and chores arise in the Big Boss household. The ruthless conversation has already begun this time as well with a lot of twists and turns. While some are initially trying to stay out of the controversies, others seem to just can’t stop themselves from getting into one. Well, today we will talk about the Udariyaan fame Ankit Gupta and Priyanka Chahar Choudhry whose friendship is not only the gossip point of few celebrities inside the house but also the twitter trend outside the house.

Bigg Boss 16 Ankit and Priyanka friendship

For those who don’t know this season we have a super adorable on screen pairing of Ankit Gupta aka Fateh Singh and Priyanka Choudhry as Tejo Kaur from the daily soap Udariyaan. Because of their on-screen chemistry, both actors gained enormous popularity, to the point where fans wanted them to date in real life as well. When word spread that the two of them had participated in the show, Twitter erupted with excitement and new trends about the two.

Contestants questions Ankit & Priyanka friendship 

In the video other house members can be seen quizzing Ankit about his relationship with Priyanka and whether it’s just limited to friendship or is there anything else. To which the actor very subtly replied that we don’t feel any such things about each other, we are just very close as friends and tend to remain just like that.

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