Bike taxi running in Noida and Gurgaon, then why Kejriwal government banned it in Delhi?| bike taxi ban- Watch Video

18 Mar, 2023

The Delhi government has banned bike taxis in Delhi a few days ago, but in cities like Gurugram and Noida (National Capital Region-NCR) adjacent to Delhi, there is no restriction on bike taxis and they are running indiscriminately. The question that arises to mind is why the Delhi govt has banned bike taxis in the national capital.

Reason why Bike Taxis are Banned 

In fact, the Delhi government's reason behind banning bike taxis in Delhi is that only vehicles with commercial registration can run as taxis in the capital, whereas the problem with bike taxis is that they can be used as taxis with private registration as well. is being run on. This is the reason why the government has banned them.

Which states have banned bike taxis?

Delhi is not the first state to give such an argument, but earlier Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Chandigarh have also banned bike taxis on the basis of this argument.

Why banned in Delhi?

According to the rules issued by the central government, people can do commercial registration of their two-wheelers, but many other state governments including Delhi do not follow this rule and that's why this whole problem is coming to the fore. The states which follow the rules of the central government, there is no such problem and bike taxis are running smoothly.

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