BMOC Online Qualifiers Round 4 Day 1 Teams, Schedule & Fixtures

11 May, 2022
BMOC Online Qualifiers Round 4 Day 1 Teams, Schedule & Fixtures

After a long journey of BMOC In-Game qualifiers and 3 rounds of Online qualifiers the challenging teams are finally pitted up against the invited teams for the round 4. The 32 qualified teams and 32 invited teams are divided in a total of 4 groups, i.e. 16 teams per group. Each group will be playing 6 matches on a specific date and only the top 6 teams from each group will move to the next stage i.e. BattleGrounds Mobile India Pro Series Season 1 : League Stage. The BMOC: Online Qualifiers Round 4 is scheduled from 11th May’22 - 14th May’22 with each group playing all the 6 matches per day.

BMOC Online Qualifiers Round 4 Day 1 Teams

All the groups will have 8 qualified and 8 invited teams assigned to them and each group will play all the 6 matches of specific days. The following teams will be playing the 6 matches on day 1.

  • Qualified Teams :

The Unstopabbles

Team P6

GOG Esports

Bhule Bhatke

Initaive Academy

Team Faith

Elite Squad

Team OneKnockPush

  • Invited Teams :

Team Orangutan

Global Esports

Big Brother Esports

Chemin Esports

Team Mayhem

Team INS

Revenge Esports

Hydra Officials

BMOC Online Qualifiers Round 4 Day 1 Schedule & Fixtures

All the above teams will be playing a total of 6 matches on 3 different maps. A total of 3 matches will be played on Erangel, 2 on Miramar and 1 on Sanhok. After all the 6 matches of day 1, the top 6 teams from the overall standings of this group will move to BMPS League stage and for the rest of the teams the long journey will come to an end.

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