BRO makes a Guinness World Record of constructing the World's Highest Motorable Road in Ladakh, know more facts about it

24 Nov, 2021

World's Highest Motorable Road:

The Border Roads Organization (BRO) received a Guinness World Record Certificate on 16th November 2021 for constructing a road at the height of 19,024 ft. at Umlingla Pass, Ladakh, which is also the world’s highest motorable road. So, in this article further, let’s know more facts about the BRO and the world’s highest motorable road.

What is BRO?

The Border Roads Organisation (BRO) is an organization that constructs roads around the borders of the country that are used to transport arms and weapons to the borders. Formed on 7th May 1960, BRO is a trans-national organization of India and works under the Ministry of Defence. BRO specializes in the development and maintenance of roads in the northern and north-eastern regions of India. BRO has also constructed the Atal Tunnel in Himachal Pradesh that is 9.2 km long and is at a height of 3,000 m above sea level.

World’s highest motorable road “Umlingla Pass”:

Umlingla Pass, also known as the World’s highest motorable road is a 52 km long road constructed at an altitude of 19,024 feet, by BRO. Before this, the Bolivian road held the record for the World’s highest motorable road, which was constructed at 18,953 feet connecting the Uturuncu volcano.

Facts about Umlingla Pass:

  • The Umlingla Pass is constructed at a height of 19,024 feet, which is even higher than the Mount Everest Base Camp and Siachen Glacier which is at a height of 17,700 feet.

  • Umlingla Pass is expected to improve connectivity to various towns o Eastern Ladakh, which will also help locals reach Demchok and Chisumle.

  • Umlingla Pass is being constructed since 2017, and the temperature during the winters reaches up to -40 degrees Celcius here with the Oxygen levels dipping severely.

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