BTS Ex-member Supreme Boi to make a comeback with ‘Proof’; Know who is the almost 8th member of Bangtan

17 May, 2022
BTS Ex-member Supreme Boi to make a comeback with ‘Proof’; Know who is the almost 8th member of Bangtan

BTS you know today consists of 7 members including Jimin, Suga, J-hope, RM, Jin, Jungkook & Taehyung. The 7 members boy band is currently the world biggest band right now with lined up achievements & worldwide fan following overshadowing every big names from the Music world but, lesser than you know that Bangtan Soneyondan was almost going to be a 8 member band with the induction of rapper supreme boi who trained with Big Hit & other members and almost debuted as the 8th member of BTS. Shin Dong Hyuk is all set to get his piece featured again with BTS upcoming anthology ‘proof’.

BTS Ex member Supreme boi to make a comeback with proof

Just when Shin Dong Hyuk was about to join BTS he left the group for good but he never left Big Hit and continued as the company’s music producer. Ever since the starting days of BTS he has produced many of their songs. As per the reports of a publication Proof will feature his piece to "Cypher PT.3:KILLER, which marks the return of one of the Bangtan boys.

Who is supreme boi in BTS

Born on April 15th 1994, Supreme Boi aka Shin Dong Hyuk is one of the highest paid rappers and producers of South Korea as well as one of the richest musicians in the country. He has written and produced a lot of BTS music, and he also creates a lot of J-Hopes rap lines.

Supreme Boi almost debuted with BTS

Supreme Boi was a Big Hit Entertainment trainee who aspired to make his BTS debut. But, in the middle of his trainee days, he opted to leave the group before its debut, with no explanation other than that he felt inappropriate to be a member of an idol group. BTS's Dark & Wild album contains the song Cypher Pt.3: KILLER which will eventually get featured in proof. On this album, Supreme Boi worked with the group's rap line, co-writing the lyrics with RM aka Kim Namjoon, Suga, and J-hope, as well as producing it.

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