BTS Jin to serve in the military? South Korean lawmaker reveals the reason behind Band’s break

06 Jul, 2022
BTS Jin to serve in the military? South Korean lawmaker reveals the reason behind Band’s break

BTS break and the military saga, the matter now has been stretched for too long and since the South Korean officials are yet to take a permanent decision about BTS oldest member Kim Seokjin and his Military tenure which would further decide the military service of rest of the Bangtan members, here is a big development in the military service and BTS sudden break row.
A new amendment that would allow K-pop idols to complete just three weeks of military training is being discussed in the South Korean parliament. Last month BTS during their FESTA dinner marking 9th anniversary announced that from now on they will focus on the solo career and keep the group performance on a halt for some time.

South Korean lawmaker reveals the reason behind BTS break

Even before the "break" announcement, South Korea's parliament was debating whether or not to enlist the seven members of the renowned K-pop group  in the military to complete the country's mandatory military service. Yoon Sang-hyun, a lawmaker, had previously suggested an amendment that would reduce the required two years of full-time military services to three weeks of training. The South Korean law has throughout the years excused those artists who have received accolades from overseas, including those from the Olympics, Asian Games, classical performers, etc. In the case of BTS, perhaps a Grammy victory would have been a huge comfort for Bangtan

BTS Jin military is the reason behind BTS break

In December 2022, Jin will turn 30 and like previously if any law doesn’t pass delay, extend or exempt the members he would have to fulfill the service and so will all the other members. 

A Seoul politician named Yoon Sang-hyun claims that the primary cause of BTS's hiatus from performing is their obligation to conduct military service.

"The members cited exhaustion and the need for rest as the main reason but the real reason was Jin's military service," said Sang-hyun to reuters.

Talking about the soft power that BTS has given South Korea he further added “ "BTS has done a job that would take more than 1,000 diplomats to do,"

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