BTS Jungkook ‘My You’ English lyrics; K-pop idol dedicates the beautiful song to ARMY’s as BTS turns 9

13 Jun, 2022
BTS Jungkook ‘My You’ English lyrics; K-pop idol dedicates the beautiful song to ARMY’s as BTS turns 9

On the occasion of BTS's ninth anniversary, Jungkook, the group's  Golden Maknae stunned fans by releasing a new song named 'My You,' dedicated to the Army, in celebration of the '2022 BTS Festa.' The English lyrics appear in the form of text messages, stories, music players and Instagram posts. No doubt why ARMY calls him the most Gen Z in the group. The celebration comes as the global K-pop sensation BTS aka Bangtan Soneyondan turns 9 marking their comeback with Proof anthology which contains all their past, present and future works.

Jungkook releases ‘My You’ on BTS 9th anniversary

Jungkook is the solo singer on the 3:05 min long track, which he co-produced alongside Hiss Noise. The audio is a combination of English and Korean, and the video has the most calming lyrics typed on several social media platforms templates. On Twitter, Jungkook started the countdown to the song by uploading a screenshot of a text message which was actually from the same song.

Jungkook My You english lyrics

Verse 1

“Summer has already spread in the air...

Breeze is already blowing

The last cold snap is going out

The days were getting longer and longer

But my days were still going on and on and on

I got wet in the sun shower and looked up at the night sky


Verse 2

It was quite a lonely night

In the blink of an eye

The dark faded out

Blooming under the sunlight

Memories with me and you



All these lights are colored in by you

All these times are precious due to you

Four seasons have passed with you

Four scents were left ‘because of you


All the reasons why I can laugh out

All the reasons why I sing this song

Thankful to be by your side now

I’ll try to shine brighter now


Verse 3

Will it disappear

Or maybe it was a dream

Tossing and turning,

I fall asleep again

Can this be forever

With feelings buried deep within my heart,

I try to comfort myself

I get trapped in the night...


Verse  4

Quite a lonely night

All of a sudden, the dark clouds are scattering

Engraved under a beam of light

is the warmth left by you



All the light is colored by you

My time is perfect

Four seasons again 

It gets darker again...


reasons why I can smile,

reasons why I can sing this song,

Is  that I’m next to you, so I’m thankful

I’ll try to shine brighter


On a starry night

Hope my you sleep tight

Shining purple light

Thankful to be by your side now'



Korean translation Credit- Lyricskpop & Doolset lyrics

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