China giving the Blowfish drone to the Taliban can be a big threat to Pakistan. China Blow Fish drone | Taliban

26 Jan, 2023

Every new day China plans something to take over Asian countries and now in the name of protecting its citizens in Taliban ruled Afghanistan, it is gearing up to provide the Taliban with some advanced drones. This latest Chinese tactic was exposed by a report by The Jameston Foundation. China has been using Pakistan as a weapon against India since ages but now it has the capability to arm Afghanistan, the nation that Pakistan views as its greatest foe. Currently, the Taliban are in charge of Afghanistan. The Taliban plans to use a significant portion of its treasury funds to purchase these drones which can be detrimental to the neighbouring countries including India. But, despite all these claims, Taliban stated that these drones will be deployed to combat ISIS.

Taliban a new threat to China?

The Islamic State Khorasan Province recently launched an attack on a hotel in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. The majority of Chinese nationals reside in this hotel. The ongoing violence and upheaval in Afghanistan placed Chinese interests in threat. China's big project, the Belt and Road Initiative, may experience problems in the near future if this situation continues,keeping this in concern the Chinese authorities have decided to arm Taliban ruled Afghanistan.

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