Climate Change affecting Foreign Migratory Birds, here is what happening with them.

21 May, 2022

Environmentalist Vijay Kumar Baghel, popularly known as Greenman has revealed that the climate change in India is affecting the arrival of migratory birds. The arrival of foreign visitors to the bird sanctuaries in the country is decreasing and climate change is believed to be one of the main reasons for the reduction in the number of migratory birds. 

Climate Change Impact on Migratory Birds

Environmentalists said that due to climate change, there has been a tremendous change in the weather conditions. Currently the country is facing a scrunching heatwave too which has been going on from March 2022.  He says that if we talk about the long-term causes of migratory birds, then climate change can be a major reason for this. These migratory birds coming from cold countries are already getting their desired climate from the Himalayas, so they know they are diverting their path of migration and halt.

Why Migrate Birds? 

The environmentalist said that the main factor of climate change is human beings. Humans are bringing modifications that endanger the natural environment and destroy the habitats of these species of migratory birds. Migratory birds need to travel to find suitable places for breeding. There are 11,000 species of birds worldwide of those, 1800 are the ones who need to travel and are therefore migrants.

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