UP Assembly Election 2022: CM Yogi targets Akhilesh Yadav over ticket distribution

18 Jan, 2022

As the Uttar Pradesh’s election closes in, the parties have started their moves and strategies against each other. As the opposition is questioning the government in power, the government is also not falling behind in blaming the opposition.

UP’s Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has attacked Samajwadi Party today and has claimed that the party is giving tickets to known criminals. He said that they have shown their true face as they are admitting criminals in their parties. He said from the past 5 years the government is trying to save people from these criminals who have now joined Samajwadi Party and have shown the party's true intentions. He claimed that Samajwadi Party has given tickets to the shooters and criminals who were responsible for the Muzaffarnagar riots. By giving them tickets Samajwadi Party has shown their true intentions for the state. He also said that the intention of capturing the property and livelihood of dalits, backward class and farmers has still not changed among the party politicians.

These comments of UP’s CM were a shot taken against Akhilesh’s comment on IPS officer Aseem Arun. He said that Aseem Arun’s involvement in BJP has shown what kind of people are hiding behind the Police’s uniform. This backlash between the party also included Arun Thakur and Nahid Hasan. Arun Thakur in a conference claimed that Nahid has been a part of murder hence revealing the true intentions of Samajwadi Party. 

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