Coronavirus India Update: Covid out of control in Delhi, what are reasons for the death of people?

14 Jan, 2022

The rising cases of COVID-19 in Delhi has become a reason for fear and stress among the people of the city. People have a lot of questions in their mind. For example, Is the new wave more dangerous than the second one? Has the capital city of India again became a hotspot? Amid these stressful times Health Minister of Delhi Satyendra Jain has provided us with some news about the new COVID wave. He has said that the case count might be lower than 25,000 today. Yesterday Delhi registered more than 28,000 cases but today there might be a chance that this number will go below 25,000. He said “The cases might increase slowly, but it is guaranteed that the hospital cases will be low and easy to handle”. He has also explained why the death count is rising so fast. 

Reason for people's death in Delhi

Satyendra Jain said the number of people who have died in recent days, 75% of them were not vaccinated and hence were more prone to the virus. According to him, more than 13,000 beds are still available in the hospital, therefore they are ready for the worst. “Europe and America have also registered more cases than before, but the death count on world level is also comparatively lower than the previous wave. The cases were higher than any other day. The positivity rate was also higher yesterday, but now that it has reached its peak, there is a chance that the cases might be registered less than other times. 

Corona Case update

Yesterday was an all time high count of COVID-19 cases. The death toll was also registered to be 31. Yesterday around 58,000 people were tested for the virus and among them 28,000 people tested positive. The positivity rate was 29.21%. Active cases have reached 94,160 which is the highest in the last 8 months. This scenario is not only limited to Delhi, but many other states are also in the same league as Delhi. The state government is continuously trying to keep this count in their hands to stop people from panicking. 

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