Coronavirus Cases: Corona cases increasing again, 63% jump in 1 week- Watch Video

07 Mar, 2023

Once again an increase in Covid cases has been seen in India. In the last three weeks, the cases of Covid infection have increased continuously. Last week, 1898 new corona cases were recorded across the country. Although, the total number of cases is very less now, but the figures of increase in corona cases are definitely alerting.

The week ending last Sunday saw an increase of 63% in the Corona case. While it saw an increase of 39 percent in the last week and 13 percent before that. Most of the new cases have come up in South India and Maharashtra.

Covid Death Rate

This increase in corona cases is being seen at a time when flu cases have seen a spurt in the country in recent times. Meanwhile, it is a matter of relief that there has been no increase in the death rate. However, testing has been very low and needs to be increased. According to Covid statistics, last week 1898 new coronavirus infection cases were registered in the country. In its first two weeks, 1163 and 839 cases were registered respectively. This number is not very high now, but if it continues to grow like this, it will be a cause for concern.

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