Covid-19 Vaccine: Do not make this big mistake before taking second dose of corona vaccine, government alerts

10 May, 2022

Vaccine is considered to be the biggest weapon against coronavirus and in India all people above 18 years of age are being given a booster dose of corona vaccine. Apart from this, children above the age of 5 years have also been allowed to apply the corona vaccine. Meanwhile, the government has alerted people about a big mistake made while taking the vaccine.

Same number required for both doses

The government said on Monday that after taking the first dose of covid-19 (Covid-19 Vaccine 1st Dose), the beneficiary will have to schedule the second dose or use the same mobile number at the time of taking the second dose (Corona Vaccine 2nd Dose). needed, which was used at the time of the first dose.

The Union Health Ministry said that if a beneficiary uses a different mobile number (Mobile Number for Corona Vaccine 2nd Dose) for the second dose and schedules the vaccination, it will automatically be sent to the beneficiary. will be recognized as the first dose.

2 certificates for first dose being issues

The statement of the Health Ministry comes at a time when some media reports have claimed that due to a technical glitch in Co-Win, two certificates of first dose have been issued to 2.5 lakh beneficiaries in Pune, Maharashtra. The ministry said in a statement that Co-Win has successfully served as the digital framework for India's COVID immunisation program and there is nothing wrong with it. Co-Win has facilitated the delivery of more than 190 crore doses of covid vaccination to more than 100 crore people of the country.

Along with this, there is a facility to decide the time for vaccination or to take the vaccine by visiting the centre with the information of name, age (year of birth) and gender. There is an option to choose from nine photo identity proofs as a proof of identity.

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