Delhi Air Pollution: Entry of trucks banned till November 26 in Delhi as Air Quality deteriorates

22 Nov, 2021

The failure of reduction in Air Pollution in the capital city is now becoming a matter of concern as Air Quality in Delhi is terrible. The Delhi government is taking every step to control Air pollution but the situation is resisting to change. Air pollution which went out of control after Diwali is now in very serious category in the capital city. The Air in Delhi NCR continues to be poisonous as AQI was above 300 on Monday too. 

AQI in Delhi is 352 whereas in NCR areas, it is above 300. In order to control pollution, the government has extended the ban over the entry of Trucks, carrying non-essential items, to November 26. Also, the offices will remain shut and the employees will continue to work from home. Private offices have been advised to ask their employees to work from home until November 26. Also, Schools in the national capital will not open until further notice. The education board, through a notification directed that considering the pollution situation schools will remain shut. However, online classes will continue to resume as only physical presence of students in schools have been restricted and they will continue to receive education through online method. 

Many other states except Delhi are also experiencing high level of Air Pollution. Health ministry has also been expressing its concern keeping in mind the pollution situations. Almost every state had banned firecrackers during Diwali but the day after Diwali recorded extremely serious level of AQI which has not been controlled yet. 

Many people are experiencing health related issues due to Air pollution. Some are facing breathing problems while some are experiencing chest related issues. Hence, the Delhi government is taking steps to ensure that traffic on Delhi streets is reduced which can further help in declining the level of pollution. Travelling in Metro and Buses while standing has also been premitted so that people use common vehicles. DDMA has permitted 30 commuters to stand in each coach of metro. 


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