Delhi Crime: Murder like Shraddha, murder of Anjan in illegal relationship, used to keep wrong eye on daughter-in-law

28 Nov, 2022

The Shraddha Walkar murder case was still being revealed that another heart-wrenching incident has come to the fore in the country's capital Delhi. In East Delhi's Trilokpuri area, wife Poonam along with her own son Deepak killed her husband Anjan Das. 

Anjan was involved in illegal relationships

According to Delhi Police sources, Anjan Das was a love-tempered person. He had relations with many women. He often did not return home for several nights. Not only that, he often used to bring women home as well. During this, when wife Poonam and son Deepak used to interrupt, Anjan Das used to resort to violent behavior. 

He had also beaten wife Poonam and step-son Deepak several times for opposing Anjan Das' illegal relationship with women. Poonam used to be very upset because of Anjan Das' illegal relations. Many times wife Poonam had discussed with son Deepak about her husband's antics. Due to Anjan's antics, both the murders were hatched and executed in the last week of May, 2022.  

Delhi Police gives information

Special CP Ravindra Yadav of Delhi Police Crime Branch, Anjan Das, a youth living in Pandav Nagar near Akshardham Temple, was murdered in the month of June this year. Delhi Police, after finding pieces of the dead body on June 5 at Ramlila Ground near Pandav Nagar, carried out the investigation continuously and has now made full disclosure.

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