Dhanteras 2022: What things are considered auspicious to buy on the festival of Dhanteras. Diwali 2022 | Happy Diwali

22 Oct, 2022

Dhanteras 2022: It's thought to be highly lucky to shop on Dhanteras. There are some items that can be purchased on this day that can bring happiness and success to the household and will make Goddess Lakshmi reside at your home. Another name for Dhanteras is Dhantrayodashi. It is highly lucky to purchase gold, silver, or kitchenware on this day. Lord Dhanvantari and Mother Lakshmi, are worshipped on Dhanteras. On Dhanteras, people welcome new items into their homes in the hopes that it will bring them happiness and prosperity. Here are few things that you can buy on Dhanteras.

Auspicious things to buy on Dhanteras

Sri Yantra

Nine triangles form the design, with four triangles pointing upward to symbolise Shiva and five triangles pointing downward to symbolise Shakti. The bindu, the focal point, is surrounded by all of these. It is meant to be one of the most auspicious things one can keep at their home. You can purchase Sri yantra on Dhanteras.


Gold jewellery and coins are said to bring luck on Dhanteras.  t's thought that on this day, Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, rose from the sea as the milk was churned out.   As a result, on this day, Mata Lakshmi and Lord Kuber, the gods of wealth are worshiped on Dhanteras followed by Diwali.

Silver and Brass

Utensils made of copper, silver, brass, or gold are preferred during Dhanteras whereas irons are typically avoided. Utensil purchases are said to bring wealth and prosperity to the household.

Apart from that you can buy clay utensils, silver coins, steel utensils etc on Dhanteras.

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