DIY Jewellery Hacks Every Girl Must Know- Watch Video

14 Dec, 2021

DIY Jewellery Hacks:

Jewelry is not only the favourite of women, but it also works to add beauty to their beauty. Then whether it is light-chunky-funky jewelry or heavy-duty. Many women prefer to wear only gold and diamonds. So some people only like artificial jewelry. Overall, every woman is fond of wearing some kind of jewelry. But sometimes this hobby also becomes costly for them. Due to the untimely spoilage of the jewelry. One of the reasons for this is not keeping them properly. As a result, many times the pair of earrings gets lost. Or a thread of the necklace breaks. Because of which they get spoiled. But if you want your precious jewelry to be always new. So remember these jewelry hacks. So let's know what those special hacks are in this video. 


Jewelry get entangled in each other 

It is common to get knots in the chain. Whether the chain is around the neck or a bracelet. It takes time to sort it out and there is also the fear of breaking it. If the chain gets tangled, sprinkle some baby powder on it. After doing this, the chain can easily come out with the help of a pin.


Mistake in keeping The Jewelry Properly 

Sometimes women buy a lot of jewelry. But they get lost or break due to improper handling. It is very important to have a jewelry box to keep it. But for this it is not necessary that you buy it from the market itself. Jewelry boxes can be made easily at home also with the help of old cardboard. For example, if you want to keep the earring, then you can use the button. With the help of which they will not get lost. You can also use an ice tray to keep chains and rings.


Clean silver jewelry with ketchup

You must have also bought silver jewelry. But after a few days its shine faded and you stopped wearing it. Clean these old discolored silver jewelry with the help of ketchup. The money for expensive polishes will be saved and the jewelry will shine.


Keep Away From These Things 

If you want that the shine of your jewelry does not fade, then do not apply perfume after wearing the jewelry. By doing this the shine of your jewelry will fade.


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