DIY Mango Mask For Acne Prone Skin; retain your natural glow and radiance

20 May, 2022

DIY Mango mask: Are you looking for natural acne treatments? For several reasons, the King of Fruits, Mango, is the perfect answer. It can be used not only for acne-prone skin, but also for improving skin texture and enhancing beauty. Let's try a simple DIY Mango mask routine for your face as the mango season approaches.

Mango Mask benefits

But before we move to the DIY section first let’s know the benefits of Mango on the skin. Mangoes are strong in beta-carotene and vitamin A, which help to restore the lustre and bloom of your skin. Vitamin A deficiency is thought to increase the development of the protein keratin, which is linked to acne.

DIY Mango mask

Step 1. Take out some amount of fresh Mango pulp in a bowl

Step2. Mix it with one Tablespoon of lemon juice

Step 3. Add one tablespoon of honey

Step4. Mix it well to get a good consistency

Step5. Apply it on your skin and leave it for 20 mins to dry

Step 6. Wash it off with cold water and don’t rub your face with a towel instead try dabbing it smoothly.

This mask is absolutely best for people who have uneven skin tone and skin problems such as acne breakout.

Mango for natural beauty treatment

Vitamin A: Say bye to dark patches and uneven tones

Vitamin C: Protect your face from cruel UV rays snatching your radiance.

Magnesium: Goodbye to acne

Beta Carotene: Ultimate savior from toxins 

Copper: Works best on wrinkles and lightens your skin

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