DOLO Gave Freebies Worth Rs 1,000 Crore To Doctor; Dolo Controversy explained

26 Aug, 2022

Making news is the Federation of Medical & Sales Representatives Association of India's petition filed in the Supreme Court, which informs the court that the Central Board of Direct Taxes has accused Micro Labs, the manufacturer of Dolo, of giving doctors freebies totaling 1,000 crore in exchange for prescribing the medication. Shocked? Well, here is a lot to come. Watch the video to understand the Dolo Controversy during the corona epidemic.

The Dolo Controversy

The antibiotic Dolo650 became widely used during the pandemic. However, the most recent issue involving freebies given away to promote it has once more been brought to light the questionable marketing techniques employed by pharmaceutical companies. The maker of Dolo-650 mg, Micro Labs, is currently facing criticism for reportedly giving doctors free gifts worth Rs 1,000 crore to prescribe the drug. For the unversed  there is no official accusation of misconduct or bribery against Micro Labs. The probe is only looking into tax evasion. But, the matter which came out along with tax evasion has made the manufacturing company face severe reputation damage.

DOLO Gave Freebies Worth Rs 1,000 Crore

The company is going through a reputation problem due to claims of "ethically dubious marketing methods." In the meantime, the doctors whose names were uncovered during the inspections at the pharmaceutical company are the subject of a request for information from the Income Tax department from the National Medical Commission, thereby it is possible that we might see a sharp decline in the sale and consumption of DOLO in the near future.

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