Due to an Unknown 'Fever', 6 people lost their lives in North Korea- Watch Video

13 May, 2022

The first case of the coronavirus has been found in North Korea after two years. After the confirmation of the new case, Kim Jong Un has appealed the people that the measures to prevent corona should be increased further and should be strictly followed. 

Also, a lockdown has been imposed in the country. The Korean Central News Agency said that samples of some people were tested in the capital Pyongyang on Thursday. In these, the Omicron variant of Corona was confirmed. According to the news agency Reuters, people have been asked to stay indoors and a nationwide lockdown has been implemented by the authorities.

On Thursday, North Korea informed about its first Kovid-19 case. The country's state media has described it as a serious national emergency. It has been more than two years since the coronavirus appeared in the world, but until now, North Korea had not informed about the presence of corona cases in its place. The official Korean Central News Agency said that the new reported cases of Kovid are linked to the dangerous Omicron variant of the virus.

Strict Instructions for Corona

The Korean Central News Agency said that after confirming the Omicron Variet, Kim Jong Un called a meeting of the party's Politburo and other officials and announced that they should strictly implement the rules to protect against Corona and get people to follow them. The agency said that the objective of the meeting was to root out Corona in the shortest possible time. On the other hand, experts say that given the poor health system of North Korea, the country may have to face serious consequences of Corona.

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