Earth Hour 2022: The biggest threat to trees is from the government system - Tree Man. Watch Video

11 Apr, 2022

With ‘Kal Ki Roshani Aaj Bachaye’ - Save tomorrow's light today campaign Today we talked with Vishnu Lamba, a young social worker known as Tree Man. Let us tell you that Kalpataru Sansthan has planted, preserved and conserved more than fifty lakh saplings. In this special conversation, Amit Sharma, Associate Editor of Jagran New Media talked with Vishnu Lamba and reflected light on the environment issues and how people can work for a better tomorrow. 

About The Tree Man of India

For the unversed, Vishnu Lamba is recognized in India as the “Tree Man of India”. He was conferred with this name by then President of India “Pranab Mukherjee”. He with the help of his NGO Without any government support gave life to approx 5.0 million trees in India. As per statistics the The Kalpataru Sansthan has planted approx 50 lacs trees with public participation and has saved more than 13 lacs trees from cutting down. They have also distributed 11 lacs trees free.

About Shree Kalpataru Sansthan

Shree Kalpataru Sansthan – The NGO: – Vishnu Lamha, the Founder and Director of ‘Shree Kalpataru Sansthan’ has dedicated his whole life to environmental protection. They have worked to save nature and give life to plants and trees who control our ecosystem. The NGO has been doing plantations regularly for the last 20 years and has also saved uncountable animals and birds comprising millions of green trees by opposing policies against the environment.

It is worth praising that the NGO has pledged to make 100 villages of the country environmentally ideal villages (Kalp Grams), in which three villages are towards becoming “Adarsh Grams' ' through special innovations. Along with that the NGO has also for the first time in the world carried out a procession of trees on elephants in Jaitara, Tehsil of Pali District. Also, more than five hundred Vriksh-Mitra (tree-friends) conferences were organized in the state, in which traditional food was served on banana leaves.

The NGO Shree Kalptaru Sansthan is based in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. 

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