Enhance Your Baby’s Sleep Cycle - Essentials Tips for Parents

24 Aug, 2022

Having a newborn in the family makes motherhood more difficult and challenging. Taking good care of them and getting them used to the routine initially seems like a really challenging chore! However, you can actually force newborn newborns to adapt and evolve better if you have a little more detailed understanding about them. In order for your infant to be in a healthy state both mentally and physically, Nidhi Chopra will be addressing a few simple yet effective strategies to train them for better sleep in this video.

Essentials Tips for Parents to enhance Baby’s sleep cycle

Eat-Awake-Sleep: Most of the mothers feed the baby while they feel sleepy as a result the baby wakes up in just 30-35 mins. The right way is to feed them, nurse them, lay them down on the bed and play with them until they get exhausted. This way they are going to sleep for a longer duration.

Train your baby to understand that day is day and night is night. During the day try to engage them, play with them as much as possible but when night comes put them on the bed, switch off the lights and make them sleepy. This will definitely help them to understand the difference between.

Last meal is important: Make sure your child’s last meal is fulfilling because if they are hungry the won’t sleep for a longer period of time and may wake up at the middle of the night 

Establish a routine: Put your baby to sleep at the same time each day no matter what the situation is. 

Put your baby to the bed while they are awake and not asleep this will help them not to get used to for sleeping on your lap

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