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05 Jan, 2023

Dandruff is a very common issue that may be very bothersome to your scalp and frequently arises for a variety of causes. Dr. Aanchal, an influencer, will teach how to properly treat and manage your dandruff in this video. To learn more about this method of treating your flaky scalp, watch the entire video.

How to Treat Dandruff Correctly

  • Avoid using hair oil if you already have an itchy scalp and dandruff. Using oil can make the flakes stick to your scalp.

  • Wash your hair regularly. Try to wash it every alternate day.

  • Consult a psoriasis specialist or seborrheic dermatitis, if you face dandruff issues frequently.

  • While purchasing shampoo look for these ingredients in the product. 1- Ketoconazole, 2-Zinc Pyrithione, 3-ciclopirox, 4- Piroctone olamine 4- Selenium Sulfide 5-Coal tar.

How to use these shampoo

After washing your hair with normal water, use a coin sized amount of shampoo and apply it on your scalp and let it get absorbed for 3 to 5 mins and then rinse. After rinsing you can apply your regular conditioner.

How long can you use these shampoos

Initially you can apply it on alternate days. After which you can start using it twice a week. And once the problem is totally cured you can start using it on a monthly basis.

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