Fat Burning Chair Yoga Poses: Try These yoga asanas while sitting on your chair to reduce weight- Watch Video

24 Nov, 2021

Weight Loss Yoga Tips: 

If you are troubled by excess body fat or obesity, then do regular yoga asanas. Yoga can remove all kinds of physical problems. In such a situation, your body fat can also be reduced through yoga. However, most people complain that they do not have time to do yoga or exercise. We are going to tell you four such yoga asanas, which you can do anywhere while sitting. 

If you sit on a chair for a long time or you do not get a chance to exercise due to excessive office work, then you may start gaining weight. If you have more fat and you do not have time to do yoga and exercise to reduce obesity, then you can do some easy yoga by sitting on a chair. Keep in mind that do not use wheeled chairs for chair yoga. If possible, keep a yoga mat under your strong chair. You can do this four-chair yoga during lunch time in the office. 

What is Chair Yoga? 

Chair yoga can be easily practiced while sitting on a chair at home or office. Chair yoga is so easy to do that one does not even have to take the help of a yoga guru for its practice. The special thing is that chair yoga gives a person the same health benefits as normal yoga, such as improving muscle tone, reducing stress, improving breathing habits and getting rid of obesity etc.

Chair Yoga Asanas 


1. Chair Bitilasana

This asana is also known as Marjari posture. To do this, first of all sit on the chair. Then keeping your spine straight, keep both the feet on the floor. 

Now place both the palms on the knees of the feet and while taking a long breath inward, exhale the chest outwards.

Now take the shoulders back. Slowly exhale and bend the spine by taking it like a back. Do this asana at least five times.

2. Garudasana

This posture is also called Eagle Chair. To do this, first of all sit comfortably on the chair and cross the left leg with the right leg and make an eagle pose. Standing in the posture of Tadasana, bend the knees and lift the left leg and roll it over the right leg.

Similarly wrap your hands. For this, cross the elbow of the left hand to the right. Then bend the elbows and make a fist. Hold the breath and remain in this position. After a few seconds, come back to your normal position.


3. vertical posture

To do this asana, sit straight on the chair. Draw the breath inwards and move both the hands upwards. After staying in this pose for some time, while exhaling, bring the hands down. Do this yoga ten to 15 times.


4. Ardha Matsyendrasana

To do this asana, sit on one side of the chair and hold the back of the chair and turn your head to the left. Try to stretch the back bone. While exhaling, bend the spine. Do this yoga five times. Come back to normal. Repeat this process with the right hand side.

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