Fat to Fit I How I Lost 78 Kg After Being Fat Shamed at Vaishno Devi I Siddesh Vojhala

16 Nov, 2022

Siddesh Vojhala, who is now a nutrition and fitness expert, used to weigh 150 kg and was very fat. The man shed 78 kilograms because his weight was getting too much for him to bear. When he and his friends visited Vaishno Devi, it was his turning point. For no other reason than his weight, he was denied a horseback ride up to the Vaishno Devi temple. Watch this inspiring fat loss journey.

Siddesh Vojhala Fat to fit journey

Siddesh Vojhala shed the first 25 kg in the first six months, but after he reached 90 kilogrammes, he had an accident and injured the right knee   He was then bedridden for six months.  He began reading about nutrition around that time, and when his knee healed, he continued his inspiring journey.

Workout regime: In accordance with a short - term training he begun weight training and  switch around the loads, HIIT at the conclusion of the exercises

Breakfast regime: Black coffee and paneer salad, two foods that are both beneficial started filling his breakfast. The morning addition of a carbohydrate meal halts the oxidation of fat. Keeping to protein and healthy fats is therefore always a wise choice.

Lunch: Every day for lunch, he started eating rice or chapati with vegetables and curd. Basically, it consisted of a balance of carbs, healthy fats, proteins, and fiber vegetables after exercise.

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