Fifa World Cup 2022: Know these rules and regulations issued by Qatar for hosting the World Cup

22 Nov, 2022
Fifa World Cup 2022: Know these rules and regulations issued by Qatar for hosting the World Cup

Fifa World Cup started with a bang and a lot of controversies too. Fans have been asked to take care of Qatar's laws and cultural customs. Qatar's customs and laws include regulations on alcohol, drugs, sexuality, and dress code. There are many conservative rules in the country, especially regarding clothes. Because of these rules and regulations, fans are disappointed and are even trying to boycott Qatar.

People have started hitting Qatar with allegations and have started forming accusations against the host. Some also believe that Qatar bribed Fifa to organize the event in the country. Fans believe that these rules and regulations take the fun out of the game and thus this year’s world cup will not be as fun as previous years. Let’s take a look at these strict regulations implemented by Qatar.

Regulations in Qatar for Fifa World Cup 2022

Clothing restrictions

Women cannot wear short dresses. Shoulders and knees should be covered. Long skirts or trousers must be worn in public places. Also, wearing clothing with offensive slogans is prohibited. Men are not allowed to take off their jerseys at the stadium. They may also wear long cargo pants or light chinos to cover their knees. Wearing transparent clothes is also banned in Qatar. Photography is also prohibited.

Alcohol restrictions

Qatar also has regulations regarding alcohol. Alcohol is served here in licensed restaurants and in many hotels across the country, but tourists are prohibited from drinking alcohol outside of the fan zone. Breach of these laws can result in fines of around Rs 67,000. Smoking electronic cigarettes are also prohibited.

LGBTQ restrictions

Homosexuality is a crime in Qatar. Homosexuals are given 10 years in prison. In this context, the global LGBTQ community is against hosting the World Cup in Qatar.

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