Free Electricity system will change in Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal Cabinet takes a big decision- Watch Video

06 May, 2022

For the zero electricity bill scheme, the Delhi government has made a provision of Rs 3,250 crore in the budget this year. When this scheme was launched in the year 2015-16, at that time the government had to spend 1200 crores on subsidies. In this way, the amount of subsidy has increased by Rs 2050 crore in seven years. The announcement of alternative subsidies is expected to bring down the expenditure on this item.

In the year 2015, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government had launched a zero electricity bill scheme for consumers consuming two hundred units of electricity per month. At the same time, consumers who consume electricity monthly from 201 to 400 units are also given 50 percent discount on the electricity bill. Such consumers can get a subsidy of up to Rs.800 per month on the electricity bill. Electricity bills are coming to zero in the homes of about 75 percent of the consumers in Delhi.

Tenants are also getting benefits

In the year 2019, the free electricity scheme has been extended to the tenants residing in the capital. There are about 64 lakh domestic consumers in Delhi. Out of these, the electricity bills of more than 48 lakh families are coming to zero. The victims of 1984 anti-Sikh riots are given 100 percent subsidy on 400 units of electricity per month. All agricultural consumers of Delhi get subsidies on electricity connections.


21 lakh electricity consumers increased in 10 years

The number of electricity consumers in Delhi is continuously increasing. About 21 lakh electricity consumers have increased in the last ten years. According to the Economic Survey of Delhi, the number of electricity consumers in the year 2011-12 was 43.01 lakh and in the year 2020-21, it increased to 63.87 lakh. With the increase in the number of consumers, the consumption of electricity has also increased. The demand has increased by about 1400 MW in the last ten years. The maximum demand in the year 2011-12 was 5028 MW.

At the same time, since the year 2018 itself, the maximum demand is above seven thousand MW. The maximum has reached 7409 MW in the year 2019. However, due to the lockdown, the maximum demand in the year 2020-21 was only 6314 MW. Last year, the maximum demand for electricity in summer had again reached above 7,000 MW.

      Year Power Subsidy Amount (Rs. in crore)

  • 2015-16             -1200

  • 2016-17             -1577

  • 2018-19             -1699

  • 2019-20             -1720

  • 2020-21             -2820

  • 2021-22              -3090

  • 2022-23              -3250  

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