Ghost caught in a camera, spine chilling footage of hospital guard talking to a dead patient surfaces

22 Nov, 2022
Ghost caught in a camera, spine chilling footage of hospital guard talking to a dead patient surfaces

Viral video of Hospital Guard talking to an invisible man: You might have seen or heard of several ghost stories in film or real life, but a recent video which is currently going viral on social media has left people dumbstruck. In spine chilling footage from Argentina’s hospital a hospital guard can be seen communicating and opening the door for an already dead patient all of which was captured in the camera. The 38 seconds footage is now circulating on different social media platforms under the tag ‘Ghost Patient’.

Ghost Patient of Argentina

For all those wondering where the footage came from, it was actually shared by a Reddit user who posted the video online. As per the video caption Buenos Aires' Finochietto Sanatorium, a private care facility, is where this footage was taken at 3 in the morning. In the video Even though no one is visible entering, the video captures a guard seated at the reception when the automatic entry door opens. It appears that the guard did see someone enter the facility since he went over to someone and removed the barricade; he even spoke to him while assigning a wheelchair. The video will surely send chills down your spine. 

Is the Ghost Patient of Argentina video true?

The security guard reported that a senior person entered the hospital on November 11 at 3:36 am. Few hours later, when he returned to check on the woman, he was shocked and surprised to know that none of the doctors had seen her. Later he found out from the nurse that the patient he was describing had died a day before the incident occurred.

However JagranTV was unable to verify the authenticity of the video, while many users claimed it was just a prank, the officials of the hospital also stated that the door has some kind of problem and no such occurrence ever happened.

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