Bikaner-Guwahati Express Derailed Update: 9 dead, TMC raised questions.

14 Jan, 2022

The Jalpaiguri district in West Bengal witnessed a horrible accident of Bikaner-Guwahati express on Thursday. 12 coaches of the train were derailed and some of those coaches got overturned because of the accident which resulted in the death of 9 people and more than 45 people were injured. It is reported that passengers were stuck in 2 coaches for a long time. According to railway officials, 6 coaches have been badly devastated and 1 coach got stuck below another. During the accident some coaches got separated from the train, while some got derailed. 

Compensation offered by Indian Railway

Indian railway has decided to compensate the family of the dead with an amount of Rs 5 Lakh, for badly injured the amount will be Rs 1 Lakh and for minor injuries Rs 25,000. The accident has also caused political disputes as The Trinamool Congress questions the accident. Sugata Roy, a member of TMC has said that the accident was caused because of the cracks in the railway track. He has asked for a proper investigation in the matter and wants the Railway minister to answer for the investigation.

Detailed report of the Train accident 

The incident took place at 5:15 pm on Thursday. 12 coaches were derailed from the tracks, 4 coaches filled with passengers were overturned. Among those coaches, One coach also stumbled in the water. There was no stoppage of the train on that track and it was supposed to pass by the area. NDRF and other rescue squads reached the place to save the people affected by the accident. The rescue operation was conducted for a whole night to save the people from the incident in Jalpaiguri district. BSF was also asked to help NDRF in the rescue operation. The injured were rushed to the Jalpaiguri hospital and a lot of people helped in rescuing the people in danger. 

Prime Minister's and Chief Minister's response regarding the Train Accident

PM Modi discussed the situation with Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav and then tweeted that he has discussed the matter with railway ministry and has shared his condolences with the family of the people who lost their lives in the incident. CM Mamta Banerjee has also shared her sadness regarding the accident and has asked the state government to provide help support as soon as possible. 

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