Hair and Skincare with Homemade Flaxseed Gel

17 Dec, 2021

Who doesn’t like glowing healthy skin and soft long hair like Rapunzel. Today we bring you a homemade recipe for great hair and skin care which requires nothing much but just one ingredient right from the kitchen, FLAXSEED.

There are numerous benefits of flaxseed. Some of the nutritional benefits are mentioned below:

  • Flaxseed has loads of antioxidant content and it helps you hydrate your skin hair.

  • It contains Omega 3 and fatty acids

  • It is also rich in Vitamin E Vitamin B and Biotin which is great for the skin.

  • It brings shine to the hair and glow to the skin.

  • It helps in various hair conditions like split ends, dry dandruff, rough and frizzy hair, weak hair.

  • It also promotes hair growth.

  • It helps with the premature greying of hair.

  • It brings elasticity to the skin.

  • It helps with the wrinkles and fine lines and under eye issues by providing enough hydration.

So now when you know all the benefits you can avail from the use of this magic potion of flaxseed, why not quickly learn the recipe of this gel, here we go:

Recipe of Flaxseed Gel: You need a small bowl of flaxseed and some water. Heat nearly half a litre of water in a pan, when the water starts to come to a boil, add 6-8 spoonfuls of the flaxseed into the pan and let it heat. Keep stirring it every now and then till the liquid starts to become thicker and texture becomes like a gel. After a couple of minutes the flaxseed and water solution will turn into a gluey paste.

Now bring a sieve and filter the paste and squeeze out the essence of it. Store it in a glass jar, you can also keep it in the refrigerator for a longer shelf life. Once this Flaxseed Gel is ready, you can use it for your hair care and skin care.

For Skin:For flawlessly glowing and wrinkle free skin you can make a face mask which includes Honey, Lemon and this Homemade Flaxseed Gel.

  • Just add a spoonful of the gel and mix it with a spoon of Honey, squeeze out the juice of medium sized lemon and add it to the honey flaxseed mask.

  • Gently apply it on the skin with the help of a brush or even you can use your finger to apply it on your skin and tap lightly on your face.

  •  Leave it on your face for 15-20 minutes.

  • Wipe it off with a cotton ball and rinse the face with normal water.

For Hair:You should definitely apply this flaxseed gel to get silky smooth and strong hair, it also gives a natural lustre to hair which makes your hair look healthier and shinier.

  • Add some honey with the flaxseed gel, and mix it well to make a thick paste.

  • Detangle your hair and apply it to the length of the hair including the hair scalp.

  • Keep the hair mask on for at least 30 minutes.

  • Wash off with lukewarm water.

  • Let your hair dry and detangle it with a wide tooth comb.

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