Heavy Rainfall in South India causes destruction, several people lost their lives

22 Nov, 2021

In South Indian states of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, heavy rainfall is causing disaster Karnataka has faced loss of life and living due to torrential rainfall and adverse weather conditions. Around 24 people have lost their lives because of disastrous rainfall and crop on more than 5 hectare land has been destroyed. The state government informed that as many as 658 houses were demolished completely due to relentless rainfall, while 8495 houses were partially destroyed. 119 cattles got flown away causing deep troubles. 

Indian Metrological department has issued alert for heavy rainfall for next 5 days in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala. IMD tweeted that in next 5 days, Kerala, Karnataka, Puducherry and Tamil Nadu will face low to medium rainfall while on 24 or 25 November, Tamil Nadu and Puducherry will face heavy to very heavy rainfall. Around 2,203 km roads have faced demolition, while 1225 schools, 1674 electric poles and 278 transformers have been affected adversely because of severe rainfall.

According to official records, since November 1, 27 districts have faced heavy rainfall while 21 districts have faced rainfall 200% more than the normal. Considering the loss caused by rainfall, CM of Karnataka Bommai has announced the compensation of 79 crores to 79000 farmers. Also, officials at all levels of agricultural department have been asked to analyse the loss in agriculture. Orders have also been passed to start the repairing of roads and irrigation tanks immediately. 

Teams of Home Guard Civil Protection forces have been deployed for relief tasks and have been asked to increase forces if required. 

Tamil Nadu has also been experiencing heavy rainfall since last week causing the cease of life and living. Also, the rivers are flowing above the dangerous level. Fishermen have been asked to remain at distance from Sea. As per IMD, rainfall will be under control in few days.

The state of Andhra Pradesh is under heavy floods causing the death of 35 people and breakage of one portion of NH 16 highway. 


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